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Welcome to Isabelle's (and family) website. I will update this one more often! Click on the links below to see the lastest pictures. There are a lot of them! I tend to go a little camera happy.

The lastest news: We had a really nice Christmas is Idaho Falls. Isabelle had Santa Claus visit her at home and boy did he bring stuff! Then we went to Afton for Christmas dinner and stayed the night. Isabelle had her first sleep over at her cousins house Christmas night. Other than the fact that they didn't get to sleep until 11:30 they both had a blast with no midnight calls to mom!

Isabelle started preschool this year and is really enjoying the three days she goes. She has met lots of new kids and gets to do lots of neat things.

She has also started preschool gymnastics classes. She really, really likes those! There are some pictures but not the best.

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